Slipper in my handbag


oh yes, inside the the 'gimbap'-like rolled bag is my precious slipper. haha. surprise not! :P

As much as I love heels, got to admit, it's not a very good option to go shopping with. they are not as practical as slippers. I always opt for slipper if I'm going shopping. In fact, I actually opt for slipper MOST of the time! If I wear heels, I always bring a pair of slipper with me. 

my handbag is always occupied with slipper! well that explains why I don't always carry small sized bag. hee. besides, it's light enough to be carried around.

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be it flip-flop, slip-on or sandal. >_< I just can't stand getting blisters from wearing the heels. Plasters on my feet? I hate it so much! I'm narcissistic like that. haha. 'Beauty is Pain'? Comfort comes first PLEASE!

#slipperfie :P

 Trust me, it is always convenient to bring a pair of slipper with you. you never know what's going to happen to your (or to anyone's you're with) currently-wearing footwear. not to mention the comfort they provide!

Check out ZALORA's website for trendy slippers! They really do have wide range of affordable women slipper online of all sorts of brand.  

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