Homemade Crab Stick Snack : How-To

Crab stick is one of the must-have frozen food at my home. my family and I have been loving it since forever! well, usually, all we did was just detach the plastic, and put them into boiling water, hot oil or to the air fryer until we recently learned other way to actually enjoy this snack at a different level! haha.

below is the end product hehe :-

this is I call the home made crab stick snack. I guarantee you that they're a lot more delicious than those premade snacks! 

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well of course, you can do them as you'd like to, but I'm gonna tell how I get the more uniform shape and size.
  1. cut crab stick in half 
  2. unroll
  3. and tear it apart

repeat the step for all crabstick. 

I kid you not, as soon as I finish fry them all, all my family members surrounded the plate and finished in no time! 

below are the tips I can give after few times of trial and error hehe :-

  •  do not fry on high heat because it is easily burned due to the salt they have in the crab stick. Also, not on low heat because it will become chewy. medium heat is perfect for nice and crispy finish!
  • wait a few seconds before flipping them over or they will stick to one another. 

happy trying!
thanks for reading!
until next time!

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