Belif - believe in truth : Brand and Store Launching

What come to your mind first when 'Korean Skincare' is mentioned? If you ask me, I would say the handsome and pretty Korean celebrities hahaha. I mean the faces they're showing as brand model on the packaging etc etc. Tell you what - this one has nothing to do with those celebrities! That's how different is this brand from others! At least that was the first one that impressed me. By the way this brand is called belif - believe in truth

Last week I went to belif's brand and store launching in Sunway Pyramid! *clap clap*

belif is the latest in Korean skincare innovation combining herbal traditions and modern Korean skincare technology - best known as for their authority in hydration products! They carry a philosophy of providing the most truthful and sincere products especially in term of ingredients.

Ingredients are all of natural herbs which means 0% of harmful chemicals! I get to try out and look at the various products they have to offer when I was there and guess what, to my surprise, all of them smell more or less the same. They smell herbally - something you can usually smell in spas which I loveeeeeeeeee so much!! Soothing and refreshing scent. As a sucker to a great-smelling products, I'm loving this brand even more since they are all free of fragrances that can irritate the skin! Well, that is also why they don't have any model because they don't want to waste money but instead, they will channel expenses more on the research on the herbs. (Y)

They have all sorts of skincare products ranges from RM45 - RM260 for diverse skin types and concerns. you name it; toner, moisturizer, essence, mist & first aid, sun protections etc. they even have products for men and baby as well as body products.

among all, there is a list of 5 tops products which I would say it's the must-try products:-

All of the products' packaging are very simple and modern. It's because belif demonstrates 100% full value by avoiding exaggerated over packaging. however, everything on the packaging is helpful enough for you to have the idea about the product.

Thanks to them, all the media people can to bring back 2 of their topmost products which are:
  1. The True Cream Aqua Bomb (RM155/50ml) and
  2. The True Cream Moisturizing Bomb (RM155/50ml)

how cool is that?! can't wait to try them out and write reviews! :)

Not yet impressed? Drop by belif shop in Sunway Pyramid at G1. 82a to witness all of those great products by yourself! If you sign up for their membership program, you can can privileges as follows:-

Everything credits to the Butterfly Project - Beauty Bloggers for inviting me!! XOXO 

  1. Quite pricey products. But if I can afford, I would love to try.

  2. Wiwittt active Najlaa join event sekarang hehe tapi kita tak ada rezeki lagi nak jumpa ^^

  3. Nice.. I wanted to try this but did not get invited... huhuhu... maybe someday I will try it...

  4. hi hi nice to meet you there!


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