My 4 years in University Dinner Night Outfit

It's my final semester in University of Malaya! So I'm compiling my dinner outfit (outfit of the night) over the years hence the title heee.

*Fun fact: MAG (Malam Apresiasi Gemilang) is an annual dinner event for 12th residential college of University Malaya which I have been staying since my first year of degree studies haha.


1st year (2011/2012) - Colour Block

2nd year (2012/2013) - Bring Out Nature's Desire

3rd year (2013/2014) - Royal

4th year (2014/2015) - Black & White Masquerade

On the other hands, IR (Ingenieur) Night is an annual dinner event organized by my faculty (Faculty of Engineering).  I only attended twice and can't remember exactly the theme but I think both have something to do with Retro huhu

p/s: this is a post which I will certainly look for again when I am reminiscing school years hehe. perhaps you guys can get inspired too! ;D

Till then! Thanks! XOXO

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