Shop with Rakuten (My Top 5 Item Wishlist)

Few days ago, I was introduced to Rakuten and boy, you have no idea how much time I've spent on that website looking at all the stuff it has!! If you don't already know this, Rakuten is one of the largest online shopping website. It's literally like a shopping mall but you can save fuel expenses, your time as well as your energy! how cool that sounds?? hehehe *evils smile emoticon*

If I am to pick the top 5 items I would purchase from Rakuten, it would be these:-

Being a sucker to beauty stuff, I just can't say no to this. It's an ultimate home spa. As much as I love to indulge doing facial treatment, body massage, foot spa, pedicure etc etc by the experts, let's be realistic here, I can't always afford them. Even a once a month treatment is a pain in the ass. But does that means that no pamper-myself time? definitely not with this stuff! I can pamper myself as much as I want at any time! In fact, this stuff actually offers a lot more than that!

with 9 accessories for a full body spa treatment, this Derma Seta is the professional, handheld mini skin spa kit that offers services like hair removal, pedicure, micro and macro massage kit, body buffer etc etc!! and it only cost you RM47 (inclusive of GST btw)!

what is your favourite past time? mine is eating!! hahaha! I am a believer in food taste best when shared. So, it's just awesome to spend weekends share great times talking, eating and laughing with family or friends! 

Feasting on both Korean BBQ and Steamboat! This reminds me a lot of one of my favourite restaurant, Seoul Garden! with this bbq and steamboat, spending time with family can't never be more fun!! weekends bbq and steamboat activity? sounds perfect to me!!
it's only RM180 !

This, has been in my wishlist of home appliances as a present for mama for the longestttt time! One of the most ingenious invention of all time!! It's like the intelligent assistant that will keep the house clean. This terrabot is so smart. with all the features programmed, like the 'anti-fall sensing system' which senses stairs or drop offs, 'auto recharging' which enables terraBot return to its recharging station when low on power and 'scheduling feature' that let TerraBot Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Neo BL11A start cleaning even when you are not at home. it can even be controlled it with the provided remote control..just like playing the fun remote control car haha!

It's now priced at RM739 instead of RM1688, which is having 56% off!! >_<

I have always been a fan of multi-purpose furnitures! 

It's time to organize all my here-and-there accessories haha. I loooveeee the idea of "finished your makeup, dressed up, check your look with the full length mirror, finish off with few pieces of accessories and you're good to go!" Costs only RM380 and They even come in 4 different colours!

If you look at my currently-using luggage bag, you're soo gonna say that I'm old fashioned. haha. Luckily I don't travel much. travel as in going for has really been a while. I'm so gonna compensate the lost time later this year with my family and friends! with this bag!! Affordable and so prettyyyy!! I really love the colour combo! pastel pink amd white, it couldn't get sweeter and more feminine! with protecting edge, TPR Eco friendly retractable handle, complementary password lock and 360 degree rotatable silence wheel making them cooler luggages that are only RM399 (for the two sizes luggages btw!) !

have fun shopping in Rakuten and collect points while shopping so you can redeem fun fun stuff later!!

You can check out the products at Rakuten Malaysia 
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