Annoying Back-seat Driver

back-seat driver /ˌbæk.siːtˈdraɪ.və r / /-vɚ/ noun [ C ]

a passenger in a car who keeps giving advice to the driver that the driver has not asked for 


 why do you let your boyfriend drive when you yourself can drive the car?
to make him a more manly man

did you really put your trust in his driving skills?
i did but i can't help to feel that i'm a better driver whenever i feel scared hehe

but why you can't shut your mouth up while he's driving?
blame the knowledge about driving that i have.

do you think you are a better driver than he is?
my brain says yes but the heart's screaming a big no :P

Attention to all non-drivers

As a passanger, you too have a part to play in making a journey safe and comfy
  • Be a second set of ears and eyes
  • Be courteous of driver space
  • Keep your anxiety in check
  • Know your route
source : CLEO Magazine August 2011

drivers sure know how to drive (they don't obtain the driving license if they didn't now how to, right?) so you don't have be the annoying back-seat driver. put your trust in them but make sure to keep your eyes and ears peeled too just to ensure the journey safer :)

i always alerted my boyfriend in a wrong way like screaming.*we even had a lot of fights because of it* heeee. SORRY SAYANG :P. i know i should have not do that

i don't like it too when mama constantly tell me what to do and what not to do when i'm driving because it make me feel like an idiot.

be a better passanger : keep your eyes widely opened, keep you mouth shut, stay cool

or... drive the car yourself or take the public transport! HAHA

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