DIY simple and easy Paper Gift Bag

Assalamualaikum everyone!

It's Tuesday!

I have a non-beauty kind of post today! hehe

so let's get into it! :)

>_< INTRO hehe >_<
Paper bag is definitely one the best kind of gift packaging. perfect for those irregular shape gifts that don't come in boxes like brooches, bracelets etc etc.

you have an old magazine? does it still has the cover? good. because you're going to make the paper bag out of it. 
these are why magazine's cover is a great material to be used as paper bag:
  • it's quite thick
  • it won't crumple easily
  • it is going to make a sturdy paper bag
  • it has unique pattern so you are going to get a very pretty paper bag!

depending in how big you will need the paper bag to be, you can use just one side or you can even join two sides together for a bigger size. 

what else? just a sellotape or a double-sided tape. yes, that's all.

    easy-peasy! this won't even take more than 5 minutes, I promise!

  1. fold the paper in half
  2. join them with the sellotape
  3. fold both ends

  4. fold them inwards to get this shape

  5. fold the bottom like how you would normally do with gifts wrapping and tape them

  6. tadaaaaa!

That's all for today!

See u guys on Thursday! 

Bubbyeeee! XOXO

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