Maybelline Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner Review + Triple Eyeliner Look


It's sunday and I'm back with another beauty post! hehe! fashion and lifestyle posts are coming soon do not worry okay to those who don't really like makeup stuff. >_<

Have you ever liked a product sooo much that it reached the embarassing level?? If I am to talk about this favourite product of mine, it will always sound like I'm being sponsored or something but i swear I'm not haha. and since i've been getting compliments and a lotttt of questions about the liquid liner that i'm using, here's to my honest review of it.

I've been using this eyeliner for so long that i can't even recall the first time i discovered it. Repurchased about 6 times so estimate how long has it been if one bottle lasted about 2-3 months if used every single day 0_0

Well, as you can read the title of the post, that's my favourite liquid liner of all time; Maybelline Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner.

These are why it's a major loveeeeee<3 :-

It is very very pigmented. The colour they are showing on the bottle is exactly the same as the liquid liner or even better. i kid you not. a single swipe can already show the true colour.

just like how they name it, it gives a glossy finish line. the formula is thin and it dries very quickly.

It is the best kind of waterproof and smudgeproof liquid liner. really, because even if you rub you eyes so hard, even with water, at most, it will come off but the colour don't budge everywhere. therefore, if you're going out, not bringing your makeup remover wipes and need to perform prayer, you can easily rub it off with water. no panda eyes. full stop. 

The precision it gives is amazingggggg! the soft, thin and flexible brush is the bomb dot com. it assist a very smooth and even application. so, it's great if you want a natural finish, you can go with a very thin line or if you want a more dramatic look, go for thick wing line! 

And guess the best part? It's not expensive at all! as a liquid liner sucker, i can say that this product really does beat all high-end liquid liner! 

As far as i know, it comes in 6 different shades because i've seen somewhere in the internet but i've only saw about 4 shades in the drugstore which are:

  1. Black which is a true black,

  2. Electro Shock which is a royal blue colour,

  3. Lazer Green which is more like a greenish teal colour with blue shimmers in it,

  4. and Gold Lation which is a true gold colour

and they are all shimmery(except black) and glossy. the other 2 colours i saw in the internet are the fuschia/purple and silver. anyone ever seen these 2 colour please let me know. hehe

Additional to this review is the simple fun triple eyeliner look!

That's all for today!
Happy Trying! Good Luck!
Thanks for reading! :)

See you on Tuesday! heeeeeee XOXO

  1. nampak kemas lah. tapi sy ni jenis yg tak suka guna jenis liquid.. huhu

    1. dulu i pun tak suka sebab leceh kan and needs a lottt of practice to work with it. but the neat finish hook me up huhu

  2. nice one dear :) licha suka play safe je. pakai hitam or mostly i will use brown

    1. i don't always do this pun hehe. tapi bila daring mode datang, i'll go all out haha. thanks btw dearie :)

  3. 'Repurchased about 6 times' wow.. it's truly your holy grail then! Kena try ni!! :D

    1. indeed it is. try try! i really wanna see others' point of view


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