3 Different Ways To Wear Denim Shirt


Hello everyoneeee! 
Happy Sunday!

It's been 2 years since I came out with a fashion post!  omgg haha. that was longggg time ago.
The last time was when I participated in Hijabi Fashion Week (HFW). in case you wanna see it, you can easily find it in the left side of the blog in the History section. :)

So, today I'm gonna show you 3 different looks with a denim shirt.
1 denim shirt, 3 different feels. 

I'm pretty sure all of you girls own at least one piece of denim shirt.

so, yeah, let's get into it.

btw, my denim shirt is from Levi's.

(1) button down. there you go.
All blue. I've always loved to be all matchy matchy hahaha

(2) as an outer wear. a printed sleeveless top would be great to be paired with!
makes me look tougher, right? roarrrr! haha. 

(3) wear with a maxi dress, tie the bottom in a knot.
this's what happened when u feel awkward taking pictures alone. sorry about the face. i looked so funny. muahahahaha. >_<"

There're many other ways to style your denim shirt.
So, experiment and have fun!

fyi, for more fashion inspired photos by me, i occassionally post #ootd in my instagram @najlaa_aqilah. 

That's all for todayyy!
Thanks for reading!

  1. jyeahh. pakai apa yang rasa selesa dekat badan :)

  2. Nice dear..pandai u match..normal nampak people pakai dgn seluar hitam je..i love the blue matchy one..hihi..nice

    1. sbb tak suka boring haha. thank you anywayyy sweetie :)

  3. aaaa thank you for the ideas! now i know what to throw on top of my sleeveless dresses ^_^

  4. salam singgah... nampak kena baju tu ngan seluar atau kain...

  5. nice sharing kak.. ina suka yang style 3 tu.. hijabistasistalista hehehe ^^

  6. haha. gambar kedua tu .. Hmm... loker tu macam kenal je...keadaan bilik pun macam kenal

  7. boleh cuba la yang tie the not dkeat bottom. :)

  8. I like the third one dear ! ;)

    Jom tengok video Blogbuster saya :D


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