Get Ready With Me (in Teal)

Assalamualaikum everyone!


Last Tuesday, while I was busy preparing for examinations, I went shopping (or window shopping to be exact), relaxing at coffee shops and even went to watch a movie (#Taken3 #NNPremierScreening) with my sister! we were just having some break from the hectic life heee

So here's a quick update to my #ootd and #motd. what's kind of special about it is that I decided to go for a colour themed which is Teal! 

Outfit of the day #OOTD

Bell sleeved blouse - South China Sea
Long Tank Top - Dees
Skinny Jean - Levi's 
Bag - Korean Store
Shawl - unbranded chiffon
Heels - Carlo Rino
Fragrance - Be Delicious DKNY

I look fat but that's okay haha

Makeup of the day #MOTD

Thank You!
  1. Nice. I like the jeans which I have too. Make is subtle without over doing it.

    1. and it's quite comfy too right. it's by far my most favourite jeans! heee. thanks btw :)

  2. CR tuuu cantiknya. Nad fanatik gila bag dia selalu tengok kasut kureng lawa je T_T

    1. omg bag2 diorang memang cantik gila. sukaaa jugak! kasut kena tengok2 gak. ada banyak jugak lawa sebenarnya tapi banyak macam untuk org tua jugak hahaha

  3. Those pretty CR heels are just to die for! Cantik nyeee! Is that Loreal True Match Foundation?
    - ieyra

    1. thank you babe. yup. that's L'oreal True Match Foundation! :))

  4. Cantiknya.... I really love your make up... especially the eye shadow....

  5. wahhhh ni kes rilis tension untuk exam lah kan... shopping sebagai terapi

  6. cantiknya mekap. simple je. suka warna baju tu, kasut tu, jeans. eh semualahhh :D


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