Homemade Hot Chocolate

Assalamualaikum! Hello!

It's Sunday! meaning..it's be-at-home time. 

Nothing can beat a sit-back-and-relax time with DELICIOUS HOT CHOCOLATE HOME MADE!! Even for someone who doesn't fancy chocolate (like myself), have some time with hot chocolate is heavenly hehe

How-to :-)

1) Warm you favourite type of milk. Just any kind would do.

2) Put few bars of chocolate. you may add as much as you want but if you use sweetened chocolate, more chocolate meaning sweeter drink. if you use unsweetened chocolate, you may want to add sugar. this is I think the best part of making a homemade hot chocolate because you may customize the taste accordingly to your liking. sometimes, the so-called best hot chocolate in town is a little too sweet for me!

3) Pour the drink into the mug and finish it off with whipped cream on top! OMG! who doesn't love whipped cream?! whipped cream makes everything better! hehehe


Happy Trying!
Thanks for reading!

  1. Wahhh Kak Eny pun suka hot chocolate, tapi selalu buat dari serbuk koko je. Ni letak coklat mesti lagi sedap kan!

    1. best kan! hmm betul. rasanya hot chocolate lagi best dari hot cocoa heee^^

  2. bestnya. nampak sedap dan senang sangat nak buat. :D

  3. oho...tak tau plak boleh buat sendiri terima kasih kerana berkongsi...

    1. sama2. buat sendiri lagi best! selamat mencuba hehe

  4. anyone love free tudung? :D
    Jom blogwalking ;)

  5. Mcm mudah jer... Mcam nak buat jer.. Hehee


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