Feminine Korean Inspired Makeup Look


Do you watch Korean drama or variety shows often?? I do! hehe. If you do too, you will understand what I'll be talking right away hehe because this makeup look I created was inspired Koreans! hehe. I've alwayssss love Korean makeup styles. They are always looking feminine, soft, sweet and innocent.

Firstly is the skin. do not forget your skincare especially your moisturizer before applying your foundation because we want the dewy, glowy and healthy finish. BB cream is what Korean go for but for me they are always a little to fair/bright for my skin tone. So, I used this instead:
L'oreal True Match is a great foundation. It is quite moisturizing, has tiny tiny gold shimmers in it so it will make your skin glowing. you need only light to medium coverage because we want to look as natural as possible and so, the foundation don't look thick.

Moving on,

  1. for the brow, go for your natural shape but try to make it as straight as possible. to achieve the look, I only used the brow gel (Revlon Fantasy Brow in Brunette) to enhance the colour and fill in sparse area.

  2. I applied Maybelline 24Hr Colour Tatto in pink on the eye lid for sweet look.

  3. For the eye crease, I used this bronzer-like blusher from Elianto for subtle definition

  4. For the lower lash line, I used this gold eyeliner to make the under eyes pop or in other words to create the 'aegyo sal' which means cute skin which refers to the eye pouches with fat under the eyes. Koreans find eyebags an illusion of youth, cute even! did you know that they even have procedures (surgeries) to create that? wuuuu >_<

  5. To apply mascara, only apply it to the middle highest point of the curled lashes. It will open up the eyes while maintaining the natural looks.

  6. To get the healthy glow on the cheeks, this peach lippie from Victoria Jackson is the best choice. It will give the dewy finish. The best way to apply it is by gently tapping right on the cheekbones and move slightly up to the temples. 

    I'm still digging the very last bit of this product before repurchase because it's so good >_< hehe

  7. For the lips, go for shimmery pink lipstick like this from Maybelline Colour Sensational in Pink Peony. It will help you look sweet. 
    with shimmery lipstick, you don't have to apply lip gloss anymore. Just lipstick is an easier option but if you really want to got for so-korean, go for ombre/gradient lips. (click for ombre link)

Okay. done.

That is all I have today.
Thanks for reading.

  1. cantik base eye shadow color brown.. =)

  2. Overall I don't watch any dramas because my life is dramatic enough. But love the bronze shades you have over you.

    1. thanks! wishing you the best of everything for your life :)

  3. cantik.pandai nyer awk make up :)

  4. Assalam. I'm here to visit. Nice tutorial tho. However, i think you applied the golden eyeliner a little bit too much for a korean look. Just an opinion tho since I'm not really an expert when comes to makeup. Don't worry, you look fantastic.


    1. thanks for the comment! no do not worry. i don't mind. good to know that actually! i just wanted to emphasize the so-called 'aegyo sal' but yeah, i think so too- it was a little too much hehe.


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