My 3-minutes Eye Makeup Routine using drugstore products ( Step-by-step For Bigger Eyes Effect ) - suitable for beginners

Assalamulaikum! Hello 2015!

This is my very first post for 2015!
I'd like to apologize for not be able to stick to my posts' schedule(click here) due to final examinations. To compensate that, I'll have a whole lot more interesting posts to come! promise!!

Today, I'm going to share my 3-minutes eye makeup routine. I ALWAYS ALWAYS do this when I'm in a hurry or I'm feeling lazy to really doll up haha. it's very simple yet look like I have really put an effort to look good >_<

I'd like to add a disclaimer that this post is in no way is a sponsored post though I feature all Maybelline's products. I used them for the purpose of assisting beginners (whom I've been getting a lot of requests form) to look for and buy the products easily and ultimately to try this look.

Below is the finished look:-
the focus point is only the upper part of the eyes.
note that in this post, I haven't done my brow (which i usually do after I've done my eyes) , so, click here for my eyebrow routine

to begin with, this is my naked eyes. haha. typical looking eyes.

so, firstly, i'm going to wear my current favourite contact lenses. contact lenses definitely help to get bigger eyes. mine are from ColourVUE in sterling gray. they are the 3-months contact lenses.

next, i'm going to use my gel eyeliner to tight line or in other words to line my upper water line. this is especially essential to make your lash line to look a lot thicker. this step is also great to fill in the gaps you could have form lining your lash line. 

next is to line lash line. I'm using my holy grail liquid liner (click here for the liquid liner review)
my tips would be to start from about 2/3 of the eyes and stay as close to you lash as possible. start with a very thin line then work the thickness after finishing one line. another way is to line once with your desired thickness then fill them up which is to fill the gaps with the lash line.

Last but definitely not the least step of applying the mascara. 
for someone with very fine hair especially eyelashes like myself, mascara definitely is a life-saviour. one mascara doesn't do it all. they are different types of mascara with different wands which do different things. however, if I have to choose only one mascara that I could have, it'll be this:
it does the job amazingly and it's relatively cheap too!
note that my eyelashes are naturally curly. so for those with straight eyelashes, you need to curl them first, okay?
don't forget your lower lashes!

did you know?
did you know that a mascara makes your eyes look 3x bigger than an eyeliner?
this is the difference of my other eye with just mascara.
'just mascara' is also perfect for those who likes natural looks!

The above routine literally took me about  3minutes or less to finish both eyes.

The key is to practice!

Good Luck!

Thanks for reading!
Have a great 2015!

  1. nice one. mata nampak lebih besar and tak over do sangat.
    :) liza kalau ada 3 minit selalunya akan pakai eye liner pensil. sebb guna liquid ambil masa lama sikit. hihi

    1. thank you. ohh yeke. kite pulak tak biasa dengan pencil eyeliner that's why. tapi mmg a lot of people say pakai pencil eyeliner mmg lagi cepat. should practice hehe

  2. i love this look, it's clean but gives a better definition to the eyes ^_^

  3. kenapa lah mata cantik sangat.. hhmmm hmm
    nanti kalau dah tergerak hati nak besarkan mata cenggini, boleh ah guna tuto 3 minit nih. hehe tq (:

    1. alahai terima kasih awak. try la. might work on u too :))

  4. Cantik mata.Good job

  5. lawa lah kak najlaaa!!!! lagi2 bila akak dah tambah line lash line.. lawa gilaa!!

  6. I see how worth the 3 mins is for a beautiful look.

  7. alamak terernya favorite part to make up are my eyess..tak pakai lipstick pun takpe mesti mekap mata..tq for the knowledge yaa

    Jemputlah ke blog saya #projek2ribu

    1. uish tak terer pun. sebab dah biasa buat je ni hehe. sama2. thanks for being here :)

  8. Nice sharing dear.. maybelline mascara tue mmg one of my favourite.. sbb effect dia mengancam!!! =D

  9. omg thanks for sharing wiwiwiiw <3
    u r sooo pretty <33

    1. no it's my pleasure <3 :) you're just so sweet :*

  10. Pretty eyes... love your contact lenses... suits you very well

  11. wow, maybelline's the rocket really works on you! it curls and holds up your lashes macam vavavoom gittew. :D I only use it for my lower lashes. Upper macam tak ada effect sangat. Sobs.

    1. really?! I've been loving this mascara like crazy! can't stop using it. >_<

  12. cantiknya. nice tips. kalau BV agaknya 10 minit dok pakai mascara n eyeliner je. bergetar tangan nak pegang. hahaha XD. boleh cuba nie :)


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