5. Ombre

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Proceeding with Makeup Challenge No.5 Ombre! :)


“Ombre” is a French word which basically means shading or graduating. It refers to the graduation of color from light to dark or vice versa.

In makeup, ombre are applicable for both eyes and lips and there are many colour combos or tones that shade into each other that you can use to create the look!

the key to achieve the ombre eyes is the 3 shades of eyeshadows.

 the darker colour starts after the eyeliner graduating up to the crease with a lighter colour. the middle shade eyeshadow acts as the trasition colour and blend, blend and blend ! :D

To balance the bright pink eyeshadow, i'm going to finish off with a very soft looking lips.

I call it the korean ombre lips. This gradient or also known as the innocent "just bitten" lip look is extremely popular with girls in Korea, especially the celebrities. 

these are what you will be needing:

image showing the step by step tutorial below is from ipsy.com:

and tadaaaaa! i'm doneee! haha >_<

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