Makeup to complement Nerd Glasses

Assalamualaikum everyoneeee!!

I usually wear my nerd glasses when i don't feel like putting a lot of makeup. it's like my way to not really show my bare face haha. fyi, my nerd glasses is for my short-sightedness okay! it's not fake one haha.

with some type of makeup look, you can look very sophisticated with nerd glasses. so today i would want to show you how i do makeup to be worn with my nerd glasses.

simple eye makeup for the nerd glasses or how to show off the pretty eyes from within the nerd glasses hehe

  1. draw a really structured eye brow. make so that it's showing slightly above the glasses' frame (as for myself, i make it a bit thicker than my natural brow is)
  2. deepen the eyes by putting some dark brown eye shadow to the eye crease
  3. line the lash line and slightly wing it out
  4. make sure to conceal your under eyes >_ < even a hint of dark under eyes will make you look gloomy
  5. put some hightlighter to in inner conner of the eyes to make the eyes pop
  6. apply generously few coats of mascara to finish it off

as for the cheeks, apply the blusher right at the cheekbones (just below the frames) up to the temples

finally apply a bright lipstick! that's all! hehe

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