Fairytopia Makeup Look for Kids

Assalamualaikum! Hello everybodyyy!

This is my youngest sister, Nadiah Husna!
isn't she lovelyyyyy? hehe <3

source: Google

just in case you don't know what is Fairytopia, it is one the Barbie movies. yes, we're Barbie fans haha. we have ALL of Barbie movies collection. >_< 

there are a few of series of Fairytopia but all of them basically have the same colour scheme of pink, purple and blue.

so this is the final look created! hehe
it is very simple to create yet it's very pretty. 

the focus for this look is the eyes.
therefore, you will only need the bright coloured eye shadows of pink, purple and blue.

  1. bright purple all over the lid
  2. bright pink at the crease
  3. bright blue to line the lower and upper lashes and wing them out

my lil' sister has actually made a video tutorial on this makeup look hehe. click here if you haven't watch it.

because my sister's cheeks are naturally blushed, i don't need to put any blusher on her. it's not very good to put a lot of makeup on kids' face either. huhu. but if you still would like to, you can just glide your tinted lipbalm on the cheeks to get the pink glow. just like how i've showed here in my beauty hacks with tinted lipbalm here.

for the lips, to make the eyes stand out even more, you don't need anything else; keep it nude or natural pink. just a tinted lipbalm will be nice.

That's all for now!
Thanks for reading!

  1. nampak macam konsep fairytales :)

  2. She is adorable with and without the make-up.

  3. comelnya... terserlah ke ayuan dan kegadisan dia...

  4. Cantikya make up!!

    Akak singgah ye


  5. Replies
    1. ada eyh macam frozen? hehe thank you anywayyyy :)


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