6. Cut Crease

Hi! Assalamualaikum everyone!

today i'm gonna show you guys the hardest part of the makeup challenge which is the cut crease! >_<

The Cut Crease is a technique in which the crease is "cut" sharply with a contrasting eye shadow color to give it that really dramatic defined crease. 

as you've read at the above, i said that it's the hardest technique to master. yes, indeed. i would say it's the most tedious eyeshadows application that needs a steady hands as well as practice! they say this technique is for the advanced makeup enthusiast. unless you're an artist or a makeup genius, you're not gonna get a perfect cut crease look on the first try! haha. i'm such a pessimist! :P

somehow, i manage to create this look today. i call it the feminine cut crease. why feminine? because i used the shimmery pink eyeshadow in contrast with the black crease line! hehehe. of course it's not a perfect one since this is my first time! T_T nevertheless, i'm so proud of myself! *chin up* heee

these are the products i used:

  1. first thing first is the sketching of the crease line starting from the crease in the middle of your eye and connecting to the outer corner of your eye. because you need a sharp line, this is where steady hand is crucial! haha. i used the black eyeshadow in the sephora mini makeup palette.
  2. then blend it outwards and using the top line of the line as a guide, apply a dark brown eyeshadow with it. 
  3. only after you're done with the crease, apply the shimmery pink eyeshadow onto the bare eyelid. be careful not to mess with the crease line! i used Maybelline 24HR Color Tattoo Gel-Cream Eyeshadow in 55 Inked in Pink! <3
  4. apply a liquid liner. winged it towards the end of the end of the crease line. a thin line is more preferable. a liquid liner with a very thin brush like the Maybelline Hyper Glossy will definitely help a lot.
  5. then, finish off with mascara! this look will look better with a false eyelashes but because creating the cut crease is tiring enough, i don't feel like applying them hahaha. a few coats of Maybelline the Rocket Volum' Express mascara will do just fine! :)

please excuse my expression >_< 

that's all for today! thank you!

disclaimer: i am neither a professional nor i am extremely good at thesethis is just some information about the topic and how i made attempts on doing it. comments are very much welcomed.

  1. wohooo :) hebat2. sy tahu pakai pelembap muka je T_T

    1. bagus la tu pakai moisturizer. penting tu! ada yg tak pakai pun huhu. thanks btw :D

  2. Baru tau harini cut crease tuh apa

  3. Hi Najlaa..

    u do makeup service tak???

    Jemputlah ke blog saya Blog Ibu bekerja dari rumah , semoga bersama dapat manfaat! Terima kasih..

    1. hi1 :) yes. i do. kalau interested boleh email i at nur.najlaa.aqilah@gmail.com :))

  4. cantiknyaaaa... double eyelid sangat membantu utk make up mata kan...

    1. double eyelid is a bonus tapi ada banyak jugak jenis makeup yang realllllyyyy great for single eyelid.


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