benefit they're Real! push-up liner Review



They're Real! Mascara is an extremely great product, i swear! *no, today's review is not about the mascara though haha. maybe later okay*

So when they launch the they're Real! push-up liner, i get really excited and i feel like i MUST try it. 
bought it at Sephora at RM100
 anddddd here i am, wanting to share with you how i find it.

in case you don't know what is this push-up liner is, let me brief you a little about it. basically, it's gel eyeliner pen, or more accurately described as the lash-hugging gel liner pen. it's the latest eyeliner technology invention hehe.

it is about the same size as a regular pen, has a base that can be twisted around for the gel to delivered to the tip. 

the tip is the main character here. unlike its stiff-looking, it is a very soft silicon-like material tip.

Reviews (pros & cons):
  • odourless
  • creamy texture
  • to get a very black line, needs to get generous amount of it or to re-line few times.
  • glides smoothly on the lash line
  •  the angled tip really made it easy to wing it out. so, this is especially great for beginners!
  • it gives a very precise fine line like a thin angled brush give
  • looks neat with the matte finish
  • it really hugs the lashes that i can't see any gap and i don't care if i don't line my tight line.
  • i don't feel it's suitable for applying at the lower lashes. 
  • even when i rub my eyes so much, i won't get me the panda eye. it's smudge proof and it could last very long too.
  • it's hard to be removed too! i don't know if it's especially easy if i use the they're Real! remover, but it took me quite some time to really remove everything (including the black stain).

and i'm pretty sure, it will look great with a few coats of the they're real mascara !!

if you wanna try something new or you are not familiar with applying eyeliner, yes, this could be a good product with you.

but if you ask me will i repurchase it?
honestly, no,
because there are much better and cheaper options at the drugstore.

That is all!
Thanks for reading!
Till then! :) XOXO

  1. wah..semua cerita pasal :)

    1. more makeup posts to come. stay tune okay hehe. thanks for being here btw :)

  2. errr... salam kenal salam singgah... hal org pompuan ni... tak reti nak komen... hehehe

    1. haha. salam kenal jugak. terima kasih sudi singgah sini tho hal perempuan je >_< hehe

  3. Sbb specky, xgne maskara dah. Rosak kne cermin coz bulu mata pnjg..huhu
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  4. Nice review. I wouldn't purchase the mascara either. Totally crumbles off my eyes.


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