7. Celebrity Inspired

Hi! Assalamualaikum! :)

Sorry that it took me 4 days to come out with this final makeup challenge! why? because to be compared with a celebrity is the last thing i want to happen >_< okay joke. i don't care. i am me, and i'm proud of myself huhu. in fact, actually in the bold lips post, in a way, i already tried the celebrity inspired makeup. check out that post if you haven't^^

for today's post, i'm gonna show the inspired makeup from KATY PERRY!

well if you can tell, the center of attention of the look is the eyes. She has the silver to black gradient effect eyeshadows on with the well-defined brow, light blusher and orange+peach-y lippie.

so, as for the eyeshadows, it basically starts with light to dark, from the inside corner of the eye out. the cat eye shape eyeshadow stands out on its own and you will only need a very thin layer of eyeliner on your lash line or maybe just on the tight line.

for the blusher, it's better to use a blush that matches your skin tone (i.e looks natural on the skin) and apply it lightly on the cheekbones.

everything else is quite self-explanatory based on the photo huhu.

therefore, to achieve the look, the Sephora mini pallette is a perfect pallette to create the look. Victoria Jackson lip balm in peach is also perfect to complete the look.   

okay that is all! final look >_<

lemme know if you want a full tutorial of the look :)

disclaimer: i am neither a professional nor i am extremely good at thesethis is just some information about the topic and how i made attempts on doing it. comments are very much welcomed.

Thanks for Reading!!

now that the makeup challenge has ended, i'm running out of idea for the next post. let me know if you have any request post. don't forget to tag me if you join this makeup challenge so i can check them out! :D

Till Then! :)

  1. very nice :) nampak bold sangat untuk bahagian lips.
    licha selalu biar nude atau pun peach color

    1. nude is a good idea! it's great when u want to focus on only the eyes part. :)

    2. nude is a good idea! it's great when u want to focus on only the eyes part. :)

  2. Wow. Look stunning. Definitly gonna try this challenge. Hhee


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