3. Bold Lips

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Today, it's Makeup Challenge No.3 BOLD LIPS timeeeeee!!

how you pull off a bold lip is how you make a statement with your lip colour.

there are plenty of colour that you can try to get bold lips

but my favorite type of bold lips is the dark lips (!)

  1. ALWAYS prep your lips with a lip balm (my favourite is the Mentholatum Waterlip lipbalm) before applying a lipstick. scrub if necessary.
  2. i actually applied some pink lipstick (Rouge Dior in 765 Montmatre) which matches my undertone perfectly so that it will make my teeth look whiter.
  3. lip brush is used for better precision. you can use a lip liner if you want (a matchy shade is more preferable). the goal is to achieve the crisp neat bold lips.
  4. lastly is the application of the dark brown lip colour (i used Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede in 096 All Access). i really like the combination of a pink and dark brown colour! :D

And it is always a good idea to keep the rest of your makeup super simple when you’re sporting a dark lipstick.

oh yes, well..i don't make a very good example here, so here's one of my favourite celebrity's look with a bold lip:
High drama and dark burgundy lips is all it takes for Michelle Trachtenberg to look glamorous. is there any similarities with my look? haha. >_<"

That's all from me today. 
Till then!
Thank for reading! :)

disclaimer: i am neither a professional nor i am extremely good at thesethis is just some information about the topic and how i made attempts on doing it. comments are very much welcomed.

  1. bestnya. kita tak mahir bermekap.. ayooo, sape nak ajarkan ni...

    1. saya sudi je ajar in a virtual way hehehe. keep on expecting more makeup tips from me okay.

      Thanks for being here btw :))

  2. It looks nice sis...

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