Beauty Hacks: with tinted Lip Balm

our lips need hydration as much as our skin does.

and like how our skin need a moisturizer, our lips need a lip balm. 

tinted lip balm is definitely one of the greatest beauty invention ever invented. it's the perfect lazy product. besides delivering  enough hydration, it can also change your entire look!

i'm using my favourite Mentholatum Lip Ice Sheer Color: 



seeeeee how that hint of colour change my dull face hahaha

and i glided some of it on my cheekbones and blend out the colour onto my skin to complete the look

a lottt healthier looking Najlaa hahahaha

not just it gives a subtle flushed cheeks, it's appears glowy. you can even build up the colour if you want it to appear more noticeable. no, the above photos are without filters in case you're wondering. huhu

see how cool this product is!

now you can just bring only this product with you when you're going out! how easier life is hehe

disclaimer: i am in no way sponsored. i'm just sharing what i've been liking to you.

Thanks for reading! bubbyeee!
Till then 

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