4. Crazy Eyeliner

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Hiii everyone!
Assalamualaikum..! :)

so i'm going to continue with the makeup challenge No.4 which is Crazy Eyeliner.

today's subject is very freestyle and nothing can really define a crazy eyeliner look.

you can go all out with the eyeliner (i.e draw all over the face) but what i am going to show today is a wearable crazy eyeliner look.
this is definitely a look that you can wear even if you go shopping hehehe.

the best part is, you only need an eyeliner! let your inner artistic self out to create the look >_<
i'm using Maybelline Gel Liner in black

my roomate said they look like peacocks haha

they don't have to be perfectly symmetry. in fact, you can even have different pattern for each eye.

 no, i don't know how i should style my hijab for the look T_T
maybe if you have an idea, you can share it with me heee >_<
looks crazy much? haha

Thanks for reading! 
Till then! :))

disclaimer: i am neither a professional nor i am extremely good at thesethis is just some information about the topic and how i made attempts on doing it. comments are very much welcomed.

  1. wow.. so cool :) singgah bw here

  2. Patut santek.. Hehehee

    Jom jengah Papaglamz


  3. Pandai buat.. bukan senang nak lukis2 cam gitu

  4. Cantik..kalau tiada bakat atau kemahuan ..susah juga mahu melukis sendiri

    1. o yes. part kemahuan tu memang sangat betul! takde bakat boleh belajar huhu

  5. I think it perfect with Yuna's hijab style (malaysian singer)... :-)

    come n visit me at http://www.cintavitamin.com

  6. Woww that drawing looks amazing mmg seni and hey klu xd hidden talent terabor juge hehe and both sides balance tau. haha congrats n how to wear d hijab? hmm a loose one like Rnadia tu ke coz nmpk sket kn hasil seni tu :D dear thnkx 4 all d visiting and hehe i tag u btw .. klu rajin buat la then let me know k. tqsm :)

    1. hee thanks! oh that pari2 style kan? belum penah try lagi. nanti i try!. and the tag! thanks! i will do it later okay! :)

  7. wah..menarik..tp xberanila nk pkai camtuh.. yana suka yg smoky eyes nyer..


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