Monday, January 31, 2011

30DBC - Day 3

( Your idea of the perfect first date)

  • they said, 'First Impression is always Important'. so, aku rasa for a perfect first date, girls or boys akan dress up secantik, secomel, se'smart', sehensem mungkin. huhu.
  • makan2 akan ditanggung beres oleh seorang lelaki #FACT. tak main la tuang tuang ni. dah lama nanti boleh la.
  • communication between two pun plays a vital part. a perfect one should be memorable too. so, they should have do the talkings cheerfully - ada banyak part yang gelak2 sweet2 gitu. hehe.

heh? 3 je? haha. i'm sooo not good at writing. i just pointed out the important ones. i personally feels that it's not necessary to have a perfect first date. sometimes, yang imperfect tu la memorable! if ada terjatuh terlentang masa first date lagi la boleh buat gelak everytime that scene come across your mind kan. hehe.

tapi a perfect first date akan menentukan jugak the next next date (but not the relationship). mana tak nya, if the first one dah best, excited la mereka untuk date lagikk. ngee. but it doesn't necessarily mean that an imperfect one leads to bad kind of relationship, right?

yang di atas2 tu, bukan saja perlu ketika first date, tetapi juga untuk date2 kamu yang lain. baru la everlasting gitu. hehe

**mine wasn't really a perfect one, tapi Alhamdulillah kekal lagi sampai sekarang. :)



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