My 1st Post (!) 6/1/11

yeehaa! so today i'm gonna start blogging. i've always wanted to blog before, tapi, tu la kan, there were soooo many reasons that didn't allow me to. however, since i've been staying home for i don't how much longer due to my injuries and end up doing nothing the whole day, i think i better blog! quite a wise choice isn't it? haha.

we're gonna be good friends, blog :)

today's afir and me are celebrating our 44th months of relationship! how time flies kan. huhu. i love you syg! tak celebrate pun. kalau every months nak sambut bankrupt la kan. just wish one another je. (tu pun lambat 15 minit) ngee. it's okay. i know there're lotsa months to come for us. love never ends! peace! :)

this was when i was so chubby and afir was so skinny. today, it's the opposite, only that i'm not so skinny

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