Cook Cook Cook

you know what, I COOKED TODAY! (perasan tak aku CAPSLOCK tu, perasan tak?!!) haha. i've been underestimating myself in doing chores especially cooking, seriously! i thought i'm weak, i thought this right hand is still not convincing enough to do works, i thought my injured left hand can't do a thing!

so, obviously, i proved myself wrong today! yeay! i woke up early in the morning, prepare myself a breakfast (which i usually depends on dad to buy) , take a bath (usually, it's not THAT early) , sweep the floor (i rarely does this because i usually feel pain at the hand and the part where bone grafting are done) and cook rice and 2 kind of dish for the entire family! *oh no, i'm getting more and more proud of myself* HAHA.

berkenaan buku di atas, hehe, buku ni aku dah beli before the accident lagi. sangat bersemangat wehy nak masak! haha. to be truth, afir is the main reason i have the courage to cook because he REALLY REALLY loves to eat.

Cooking for a man is a good way to win his affections.

resepi2 dalam ni simple2 je. yang simple tu la yang kena practice kan, kalau tak nanti mak mertua kau cakap 'masak ni pun tak tau?'. hishh. scary kalau dapat mak mertua cerewet tau tak? so, nanti kalau dah dapat mak mertua, walaupun tak cerewet, kena la tunjuk kat diorang yang kau boleh jaga anak dia elok2. kira perfect daughter-in-law gitu! haha

hihi. so, dari hari ke hari, aku akan practice masak guna buku ni. bukan maksudnya aku tak tau masak! hey, aku tau jugak laa, sikit2. hehe. setakat sambal, sweet sour, goreng2 ni aku dh mahir dah.HAHAHA. hari ni aku masak sedap! hehe. family aku cakap (i'm pretty sure they are telling the truth). it's still a liitle hard to do like chopping onions tapi lama2 mesti akan rasa okay punya; practice makes perfect, right?


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