How to wear PASTELS?

i get to know this info from  SizZLing SuZai. and i just loveeeeee it!

firstly because, i always feel un-pretty or ugly or feel wrong playing with pastels in my dress-ups.

secondly, my becoming birthday party's theme is PASTEL! ;P

Ever encountered a situation where you see this gorgeous lavender top but once you try it on, you end up, well, hating it? One of the reasons for this is probably due to your undertone complexion. Most complexions fall into either the warm or cool category. Let’s find out which one you are!

Discovering Your Undertone

1. Looking at your forearms under natural light or outdoors. Looking at the vein colour, what colour do you see?

- If blue, then you’re cool.
- If green, then you’re warm.

2. Coloured jewelry can also play a part in what your undertone may be.

- If you tend to gravitate towards silver jewelry, you are cool.
- If you look better in gold jewelry, then you’re warm.

3. Lastly, depending if you burn or not under the sun is a good indicator, too!

- You don’t get tanned – then you’re cool
- You can get tanned – then you’re warm.

Choosing the Colours
Now that you’ve established what undertone complexion you have, then we can see what kinds of pastels will look good on you.

Cool Colours:

- Pink
- Lavender
- Baby Blue
- Mint Green

Warm Colours:

- Coral
- Light Yellow
- Peach
- Avocado Green

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