Mental Trauma

Mental trauma includes frightening thoughts and painful feelings.
They are the mind’s response to serious injury

i really hate it when i see any of the red delima buses while i am driving.
seriously, when i see this kind of bus: i was so panic, heart's pounding out of my chest

i remember when i was transferred to HUKM a day after the accident, my heartbeat is over 120. i suffered sleep disturbance (it wasn't really insomnia because i still manage to have a few hours sleep), having nightmares and flashbacks. the doctors had to refer a psychiatrist and luckily they didn't have to prescribe me any medication.

TIME IS THE BEST HEALER. God willing, InsyaAllah :)
  1. read your story.
    Alhamdulillah najlaa selamat..syukur sangat kan. Ujian dari Allah tu..

  2. tapi skrg ko dah kuat kan beb?

    insyaAllah.jumpa balik bulan 9 kt um. :)

    oh teringat kenangan haluansiswa dgn ko time pasum dowh.haha

  3. @izzat; aminn :)

    @アヌム ちゃん; Allhamdulillah. betul tu. terima kasih ingatkan saya :)

    @ct; yup. i think so! dah kuat though trauma still haunting. rindu ko ct! :)


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