Shizens Natural Pore Nutrient Foundation Review

this foundation is actually mama's. but only after about 3 times, she decided not to use it anymore because she felt it was a little too oily for her skin.

first impression :
  1. nice packaging
  2. pleasant smell (very light smell)
  3. has quite a greasy texture

used 3 times :
  1. very easy to be applied. after a few swipes i'm ready to go! :)
  2. not really heavy on my skin. so, i would recommend it for people with dry to combination skin type.
  3. blemishes and pores are perfectly hidden - smoother skin. provides good coverage.
  4. lighten my skin tone
  5. long-lasting (worn more than 8 hours and i still didn't have to reapply. in fact, it looked better with my natural oil). 
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