my 1st attempt using Shizens Eye Charm

spot the difference between the two eyes 
an attempt making my eyelashes look longer and thicker
(pada mata kanan)

 sebelum ni aku ada post about product Shizens yang aku beli.
one of 'em is Shizens Eye Charm.

baru first time nak try pakai sendiri hehe
omg. messy jugak la.
well, make up kena ada skill!
bukan boleh senang2 main tepek2 gitu je
takpe2, CHAIYOK! ;P

p/s: actually check kat analitik nuffnang ramai search keywords shizens, shizens eye charm and shizens lip painter. hihi. saja menepek post baru, nak bagi orang datang blog kita. ngee ;) mudah2an UV naik ;P

  1. can really see the difference, must be a great product and worth investing.

  2. @nava.k ; it is! go try it yourself. you gonna love it like i do ;)

  3. mak aiihhh . obvious gile meyh mata kau . huhu ^_^

  4. i take it as a compliment laa eyh. hehe ;P

  5. @sherah; OMG. IT'S YOUUUU! i'm your avid blog reader! :) thanks by the way *senyum sampai telinga*


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