Saturday, April 30, 2011

Effortless Yet Special Mother's Day Gift

hari ni aku ada appoinment kat slimming sanctuary for body massage. then, macam biasa; consultant datang promote :P .

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this time, she promoted a package untuk mother's day. seee! told you! orang berniaga ni memang pandai bab2 nak suruh orang spend duit ni! tahu2 je my sibling and i tak fikir lagi nak bagi apa for mother's day nanti.

lepas dah habis2 tawar harga for promotion tu and mintak free gifts lagi, akhirnya aku berjaya dapatkan mama:

  1. Lifting Facial including Eye and Neck Treatment
  2. Steambath
  3. Milk Jacuzzi
  4. Balinesse Pampering Full Body Massage
  5. Lipstick
  6. Eyeshadow
  7. Hand Care

time to give mama some time to pamper herself (!)

i'm soooo not good at giving people massage (so do my other sibling). so, apa salahnya serahkan pada yang pakar kan? especially with my condition now; banyak yang tak boleh buat *sob*

lipstick and eyeshadow tu they gonna wrap! hehe. baru nampak sikit bentuk hadiahnya.

booked mama's appoinment on mother's day - 8th May 2001.

kalau belum ada, pergi je spa nearest then buat appoinment. cepat! nanti full! (tiba2 play role as a consultant HAHA). they sure have promotion yang best2 sempena mother's day ni. :)

p/s: hari ni, tukang urut tu TERbagi aku body massage with hot stones! kihkihkih. what a lucky day!


  1. under rm300 la. boleh bgtau consultant tu budget then nanti diorang akan suggest package :)

  2. wahhh... hadiah utk hari ibu ya..i pun tgh merancang apa nak buat kejutan utk hari ibu,, hehe

  3. @fieyza; hehe. let's cherished mother's day :)

  4. yeahhhh, not bad kannn ;)
    thankss ;)



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