How I Turn Into A Right-handed

i was previously left hand dominant, but due to the accident that happened to me last year, i sustained a very serious injury on my left hand. it can barely hold a pen or a pencil. *burst into tears* T.T

i am now working on my handwriting with my right hand. seriously, i feel like a 4-year-old girl who just learnt abc.

to be frank, i don't practice very often 'cause usually when i'm writing, i keep having flashbacks of how easy it was for me previously to write (i really really love to write before).

it was so hard for me to accept all of this. it's just too much. most of the time, i'll stop writing after 5 minutes to calm myself down (well, yes, everytime, i cried).

it's even more depressing when i feel the lenguh-ness only after 2 minutes of writing.

before, i practice writing on random books or papers but today onwards, i will write daily in the same book to see my progress.

so, back to basics, i used a red and blue line exercise book. :)

first attempt, capital and small letters a-z. then, my name and numbers. i did quite well, didn't i?

i even did waves and patterns. *waa, tiba2 teringat masa darjah 1*. and lastly, alif ba ta :)

yes, i only did that for today. (again, i failed to hold my tears back)

luckily, new semester is in september. so, i have more time to practice.

what worries me is my speed in writing. i need to quicken the pace for lecturer will definitely not wait for me to copy the notes down and in exams, the time limit might not be enough. 

a note to myself:
it's not that you lost your hand. you still have it with you. it's just the function is limited. be strong. imagine those who were born with no hand. praise Allah for the life you had before and the life you have now.

*Ya Allah, permudahkanlah segala urusanku*
  1. @ct; aku rasa aku tau :)

    @bella; thanks! nanti nak mintak tolong ko taw; on notes and pastyears

  2. najlaa. gud luck!!! just take it as a fun xtvt kayh! i.ALLAH things will be much better. <3

  3. eth will be fine honey. be strong! ur handwriting lawa taw. and it can be like that soon. need effort. :)

  4. @pnaz; thanks pnaz :)

    @aten; i really really hope so! thanksss :)

    @anith; yeah, kuat! anith, thanks jugak :)


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