Happy 20th Birthday Zqa (!)


Name : Amiratul Haziqah binti Jasmi

DOB : 28th April 1991

Sign : Taurus
Status : i'm not sure ;P
Group : esvee (SV)
Nickname : Ches
Personality : warmhearted, reliable, sweet, cute, happy-go-lucky

Dear Zqa, 
Happy 20th Birthday, love!
Wishing you only the best on your special day :)
Although i can't wish you a happy birthday in person,
i will spend the whole day with happy thoughts of you :)
All the best for your future :)
Friendship forever! :)
May Allah bless you; today and always :)
ILY (!) :)

  1. ouh emmm jaayyy ~!!
    thanx a lot girlfriend !
    *terharu sangat2*

    amin . love you too la syg.
    btw , status ea ? haha .
    I'm TAKEN oredi . lalalala .

  2. happy birthday kat kawan kamu!=D

  3. @zqa: no biggie babe :) huhu. taken ye? be happy okay :)

    @katekatekite: yeah, happy birthday to her! :D

  4. happy birthday ches zazsling :)


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