10 diet and exercise myths that pack on pounds

  1. “Strength training will bulk me up.”
  2. “I exercise every day, so I can eat whatever I want.”
  3. “It’s harder for women to lose weight than for men.”
  4. “All calories are equal, so it doesn’t matter what I eat.”
  5.  “Eating fat will make me fat.”
  6. “Eating at night will make me gain weight.”
  7. “Drinking a ton of water will help me drop pounds.”
  8. “Becoming a vegetarian will help me drop a size.”
  9. “Subbing diet soda and diet foods is a smart way to lose.”
  10.  “Weight gain and belly fat are unavoidable after 40.”

-.-" is is just a coincidence that everything in the list was what i thought before am thinking or they actually can read my mind?? lol

if everything above is a myth so the truth will be the opposite. got what i mean??

copied and pasted from this site. read for more :)
  1. not sure real or not.. but exercise and controlling food intake should work :)

  2. @sis anum; tak payah laaaaa. haha

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