30/5 - 5/6 (Hijabi Fashion Week)

usually, this is how my nuffnang analytic for a week would be.

but unexpectedly, the UVs during the hijabi fashion week is this much:

 beza dekat 600 UV untuk minggu ni and minggu lepas! huish. aku pun terkejut. biasanya above 50 je. ye la kan, follower pun baru 140. aku pulak tu blogger yang entah apa2. tu yang jakun semacam haha.

4th june tu aku buat birthday party, so tak dapat la nak post anything on that day.

then lepas tu viewers dah ada from overseas! this is beyond my expectation! i'm soo thankful. 

my special thanks to first of all, Asma & Em for holding such a great online event. and i'm just lucky enough to get an opportunity to join! :)

and of course, thanks to mama too for being such a patient photographer! heee. it was so sweet that my mum being so supportive throughout the whole process. mama, sorry that i woke you up in the middle of the night just to ask you how do i look and take my pictures! hee, you know i love you! :)

p/s: masih tak ada rezeki nak dapat BE from nuffnang but i'm still working on it. chaiyok! :)

p/s: received a lot of positive comments. thank you all :)

p/s: ada gambar aku dalam article French L-Express Styles :P

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