May 2011 HFW DAY 4 - Date Night

"If you're married, you know what this is all about! Share how you can dress up an outfit for a night out with your husband (or future husband for all us single ladies out there)!"

pink is a very sweet colour. other than red which usually makes ladies look hot, i think pink would also make a perfect colour to show some romance.

i chose to wear a pink midi skirt with a black legging and inner to make the pink stands out more. it totally makes a lady looks extra feminine!

HFW - Day 4 ! click here! more date night look!

  1. @aqilah nur; thanks :)

    @lemon; woot woot HAHA

  2. Love the color combination.. and you look so pretty, MashaAllah :)

  3. @dian dahlia; oh. terima kasih, terima kasih ;))

    @aishah amin; thanks sis!! xoxo ;P

    @lavendergirl; thank you very much! :)

  4. i love the little broach you're wearing! adds a great touch!

    Click here for my date night look>> [] xx


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