May 2011 HFW DAY 7 - Party Hostess

"Last HFW we had Girls' Night Out, but this year YOU are the hostess! What would do you wear when you call your girls over to hang out? What kind of parties or get-togethers do you like best?"

it's Hijabis Fashion Week last day and the category is party hostess.

i organized my birthday party yesterday and this was what i wore yesterday on my pastel birthday party!

gonna update about it very soon! :)

it's my another thepoplook dress :))

check out more party hostess wear - HFW Day 7

p/s: i love you, girls! :)

  1. salam..nijihah sorry 4 being really late replying ur visit..nice dree it dear~ ^^

    hehe neway, thanks a lot 4 always dropping such a nice comments on mine..i appreciate it so much~ ^^

  2. ThanKZ NaJlaa 4 D inviTAtioN...

  3. @sizzlingsuzai; s'okay. thanks to u too :))

    @prince_ahakzz; no biggie ^.^

  4. wow nice! That dress is lovely, and I love the white cardi that you paired with it :D!

    thanks for joining us btw <3!

  5. thanks em! i really had a great time in HFW! really looking forward for the next one! :)

  6. You look so georgeous! I like your dress! :D

  7. sangat sker baju kamoo..warna biru!! sweet sgt dear.. hepi besday!

  8. @bluewendy; ouh a'ah. blue kann. hehe. thanks a lot!


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