30DBC - Day 13

( Your favourite musician and why? )

i love music. tapi kalau bab2 musician2 ni, aku so-so je laa. takde yang aku minat betul. however, celebrity ni aku macam amaze jugak laa. at her young age, i think she can be considered as truly a musician who writes, performs, or makes music


other reasons to why i admire her:
  • lagu2 die best(!)
  • lagu2 die best di'karaoke ngee
  • i really really like her song-writing style.
  • die pandai main guitar
  • rambut die significant! cantikk
  • she's a very genuine person
  • very little controversy over her
  • she's good at handling her emotion(!) *MTV Award (Kanye West controversy and debated incident).. sian taylor*

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