30DBC - Day 22

( A letter to someone who has hurt you recently )

Dear you (you'll know who this entry meant for after reading),

i'm sorry if i was soo troublesome to u, and of course i'm sorry for the troubles i've caused u.
u know, things are spiralling out of control.
i didn't ask for the accident to happen. it was Allah's another test for me, i think for all of us, the entire family; to make us grow stronger.
i didn't intentionally pass down my responsibility to u. i didn't mean to make u tired all day.
i think u should just have to accept this situation for now and give me some time.
i know, i'm pretty sure i'm gonna be okay very very soon. not 100% okay but okay enough to clear things up. i'm gonna do the chores as much as i can do.
i'm quite more independent now, right? i do almost everything on my own. i ask very little of your help recently, didn't i?

i was hurt a little bit by u, a few times. but i will not think bout it much. i forgave u and i will definitely try to forget it. i don't hold any grudge against u and i hope didn't too. i'm sorry...

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