I Love 'You', NEALSA !

" Friends are the most important ingredient in this recipe of life ! "

so i think a had a really2 good tasty delicious 'life dish' yesterday because i met my FOREVER BEST FRIENDS . nyum nyum (sounds like aku makan diorang pulak kann. haha)

waaa. best2! best sangat! gelak2, gossip2, jalan2, try2, cite2 ; you guys are the best lah nealsa! ngee

actually hari ni, ana, amy and i ( half of nealsan ) keluar jalan2. huhu. lama dah tak gi jalan2 ngan diorang, seriously. rindu gile kat diorang. i really had a great time with you guys.

kami with ribbon gedik2 wee :P


Thanks for all the memories we shared together
Thanks for being there when i exactly need you guys
Thanks for still being my friend even though we are apart
Thanks for being the perfect friends i ever needed
Thanks for made me laugh my head off
Thanks for letting me share my secrets
Thanks for keeping my secrets
Thanks for trusting me to keep your secrets
Thanks for being a very amusing friend
Thanks for always being frank with me
Thanks for still acknowledging me as your best friends through up-and-down

keep in touch okayy semua!
nak kawin jgn lupa jemput, nk jadi maid of honour korangg. hee
nanti kita keluar jalan2 lagi eyhh, next time kita try cukupkan korum ah huhu
all the best in whatever you do, i'll always be supporting. :))

anyway, Amy, get well soon (!) hihi

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