Entry untuk birthday boyfriend :)

hari ni boyfriend saya turn 20 (!)
Happy 20th birthday sayang! waaah. 20 sudah? Alhamdulillah~

I'm soo grateful to have you in my life. I never know true happiness untill i was loved by you.
You're the love of my life, my heart's true desire.
It must've been hard to have such a banyak songeh punya girlfriend kan?
I'm sorry for all the troubles i've caused you.
So, you're now a year older, i hope you're growing better.
We're a year closer to growing old together! yeay!
May Allah bless you, and panjangkan jodoh kita teehee ;P
Stay strong and thanks a lot for helping me jadi kuat jugak.
I'll never cry anymore for the horrible past and move on.
I thank Allah each day for have given me another chance to live with you and breath your love again.

baby doakan awak:
  1. sihat cepat, tangan function better
  2. dpt study dengan baik balik, dapat result gempak2, boleh dapat keje baik2, boleh sara kita nanti(!) HAHAHA
  3. dpt beli : moto tu (serious tak ingat ape tah name die), beli kapal cruise, rumah ada compund, kete (apa yang awak minat tu? alaa tu laa, nama pelik2. grrr. tak dapat ingat ah) etc etc. in other words, everything that exists in the world of dream you've created. hehe
  4. dapat duit saman bus delima banyak2! hehe
  5. tak suka kat mana2 pompuan lain. YEAY! tu yang terutama tu! ;D

Thank for :
  • being my best bestfriend
  • being a loyal boyfriend
  • being such a good listener
  • being a great advisor
  • all the jokes you made

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